SinQ Beach Club in Goa has announced the launch of ‘SinQ Brew’, the first ever micro-brewery in Goa. SinQ Brew is an in-house brewery at SinQ.

Sahil Adwalpalkar, Director, SinQ Hospitality Group, said, “We are happy to announce that Goa now has its first and only micro-brewery. SinQ Brew is an in-house brewery at SinQ and we have launched it in association with HouseBrew.” Adwalpalkar further shared, “We are inviting our guests to come and enjoy tasting of our very own beer, brewed in-house at SinQ. All the guests at SinQ can come taste a batch of Dark Ale.”

SinQ Brew will serve more than 15 international varieties of beer in exquisite flavours. From American Ale, Canadian light, Irish Stout, Vienna, Porter to Honey Beer, SinQ Brew has lots of world famous options to cater to the Beer lovers. The price of SinQ home brew will be Rs 200 per glass, and Rs 750 for a five-glass pitcher, inclusive of all taxes.

SinQ Brew is the first ever Micro Brewery in the world that doesn’t require ETP (Effluence Treatment Plant).

“All of the popular beers will be brewed in the HouseBrew system from a premixed package. These packages will require only the addition of water and the appropriate brewer’s yeast for the desired style and flavor”, said Amit Adatia, Brewer, SinQ Brew.