“ HouseBrew is a state of the art brewing technology that promises higher profits with lower costs. It is an automatic self-contained craft brewery designed specially for pubs, bars and restaurants, designed by the world leaders of accomplished brewing.“

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The Simplest Way to Produce Beer

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No brewmaster required

In a traditional brewing process, the BrewMaster plays a critical role, but as this technology is semi-automatic, it doesn’t require a beer expert. Anyone can brew the beer with this machine, the restaurant manager, the owner or anyone hired specially for this with no prior knowledge.

Most compact brewery ever

Add a brewpub to your restaurant or a brewery to your pub because all this equipment needs is a maximum of 150 square feet of floor area. The annual production is 25000 litres, which means it effortlessly brews 500 litres per week.

20 varieties to choose from

A selection of long standing popular beers is available in completely premixed packages. All the ingredients for more than 20 popular beer selections from around the world have been meticulously prepared under the supervision of our professional brewmasters.

All new self contained microbrewery system

Designed specifically for Pubs and Restaurants


HouseBrew is a self-contained Mini-Micro Brewery that greatly reduces cost of making great beer and increases profit. HouseBrew produces popular naturally brewed, fresh beers for the least cost, in minimal space, with minimal labor, in a semi-automated process. HouseBrew eliminates many traditional brewing steps by using our powdered ingredients and ascetic bag-to-bag-to bag process.

The quality and type of brewer’s yeast used to perform the fermentation will determine the final beer flavor and character. Abhijit Brewtech has teamed up with White Labs, based in San Diego, California where some of the most popular craft beers in America have been developed.
The “Just Add Water” professionally prepared powdered malt extract eliminates labor, space, storage and energy costs. With HouseBrew you simply add water, yeast and your choice of hops to create the taste and beer style of your choice. Brewing quality craft beer on premise has never been easier or more profitable.



HouseBrew is a revolutionary technology to make beer right in the pub.



Space Requirement for Basic Unit
(To produce 500 Lt. per week)


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Excise Policy

Excise Policies (Policies are updated as per our information, please check with State Excise Department for any latest Amendments)

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Abhijit Brewtech Pvt. Ltd.

The all new self contained microbrewery system designed specifically for Pubs and Restaurants by the world leader in low cost and highly efficient brewing systems “The Beer Machine Company”.

State of the art brewing technology that promises HIGHER PROFITS with LOWER COSTS while respecting and addressing today’s environmental challenges.

  • Fresh naturally carbonated beer
  • Brewed on site in just 5 to 7 days
  • Huge Savings, Great tasting, Big profits

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Abhijit Adatia,
Director, Abhijit Brewtech

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Amit adatia
Director, Abhijit Brewtech

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